A Wonderful Experience for a Senior Trip Outing

Graduating from high school is a milestone event, and one that should be celebrated. Many schools allow the seniors to take a trip for the day or a few days. It is one last outing as a group before they move into new areas of their lives. A double decker bus hire can be the best way to offer transportation for all of them.

They can be together, they can see the sights, and they can have fun. Coming up with enough room for a larger group can be challenging. This can be an affordable option so they all feel included and the event is memorable to all. There are plenty of choices and you can get them for a price that is quite reasonable.


Think about the location where you would need a double decker bus hire and how you will meet that form of transportation. You can have all of the students meet at a given time at a given place. They can drive themselves, be dropped off by family, or use public transportation. It all depends on where this is going to take place. Think about access when you plan it.

There may be certain places that the bus can’t go, so you need to evaluate that route with them. They can give you alternatives though to ensure you can still see everything you want for the students to take part in. If the bus can’t get to certain ones, can they get close enough for everyone to walk a few blocks?


How long will you need the double decker bus hire? What is the overall agenda that you plan for them? Will they stay on the bus for several hours and then get off for lunch? Then get back on the bus for a few more hours? Do you want it set up where they can get off at regular intervals to explore some of the sights? Then they will continue on to the next destination?

There are plenty of variables and the flexibility so you can make it something the high school kids will enjoy. Keep their schedules, interested, and attention span in mind with all of the planning. This can be part of an overall travel adventure for several days. The double decker bus hire excursion can be a half day or all day event for them to enjoy.


The number of students will influence the size of double decker bus hire you need to secure. You need to make sure it will have enough seats for everyone. It doesn’t make sense to get one far too large with too many empty seats though. Think about them spreading out, bags and backpacks, and room for them to stretch out some. You don’t want them to feel crowded on the bus.


You can discuss with the provider the size of bus, the duration of the double decker bus hire, and other details. All of this will influence the overall cost. They can give you several choices too that you can evaluate and decide upon. It is a good idea to get the input of the students and even their parents before the final plans are made.

Many schools have dues and other funds that the students have in an account. That money can be used to help with paying for the cost of the bust rental. If there isn’t enough money, the remaining balance may need to be divided up among the number of students to ensure it can all be paid for. This is an experience they will never forget even as their lives change and grow.

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